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Arwel's Musings

on life, or whatever takes my fancy

Arwel Parry
In all probability you won't find a great amount of coherence about me here. I've been online since early 1994, have had my current email address since before there was such a thing as spam (other than as a meat product), and been active on Usenet (and before then on Compuserve - is that still going?) since then. Thus I have left a rather extensive trail of my interests accessible via Google Groups! There was a time when you could just put "Arwel" into a Google search and nearly all the results would refer to me, but time has passed since then.

I'm currently a middle-aged, single, science-fiction fan who spends most of his online time as an Administrator on the English-language Wikipedia, and as "the" Bureaucrat on the Welsh-language Wikipedia.