Arwel Parry (arwel_p) wrote,
Arwel Parry

On hols...

A few weeks ago I realised that it was 30 years since I last had a holiday in Scotland for anything longer than a SF convention, so I decided to remedy that this year. I'm currently on a Virgin Pendolino somewhere in the Southern Uplands (just gone past a wind farm that wasn't there last time I came this way) - train's about 20 minutes late, but the on-board catering staff have been as hell-bent on serving me Pepsi as Mrs Doyle in Father Ted was on serving tea to the priests! I shall be basing myself in Glasgow and using my free rail passes to travel around for the next week, weather permitting (or else the Glasgow cinemas will be doing good business from me!).

The only problem with taking a week off work is that when I get back next Monday there will probably be around 3000 emails in my spam folder, which I shall have to at least skim to make sure there're no genuine emails caught up in there. If the NSA and GCHQ want to be partially forgiven for hoovering up everyones' email details, the least they could do is trace where all the spam's coming from and send their more active colleagues to terminate the damned spammers with extreme prejudice - they're causing far more economic damage to he UK and US than terrorists ever could.
Tags: holidays, scotland, spam, trains, virgin trains
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