January 2nd, 2014

Life on Mars, DI Sam Tyler

Loncon 3 hotel bookings - ouch!

Well, hotel bookings for next summers' World SF Convention have opened today (and this was the first day I can book leave from my 2014 leave allowance, too).

I was never going to book an extravagant room, so I was always likely to look at the Premier Inn (I stayed at their excellent establishment at Glasgow Buchanan Gardens for my hols last year and was very impressed). So, I did a few comparisons for a 5-night stay (Wed to Mon). The Loncon3 website quotes a quad room single occupancy as £171.35 per night, so £856.75 for the stay, or £180.30 p.n. including breakfast. For the same dates for single occupancy, Premier Inn's own website quotes £557 Premier Saver (pay now, no changes permitted), £812 Premier Flexible, or £856.75 Premier Flexible + breakfast. The actual per night rates offered at the Saver rate are £39 for the Sunday, £49 for Thursday, £91 for Wednesday, and an eye-watering £189 for Friday and Saturday! Even the saver rate isn't quite my preferred idea of economical, so I looked around and found the Premier Inn Stratford (at the Westfield shopping centre, next to the Olympic Park) which is 23 minutes, 1 change, and £1.50 away on the DLR: for the same dates the Saver rate is £305, Flexible is £427 and with breakfast is £471.75.

I think I will endure the short commute in the interests of saving £550 (which is nearly two weeks' take home pay for me), which will no doubt end up in the dealers' room!